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White Collar Defense is dedicated exclusively to representing people accused of white collar crimes. We are a powerful partnership between top-rated criminal defense firm Rivers Law Firm, P.A. and respected complex litigation firm Eckland & Blando, LLP. The partnership combines effective criminal defense trial tactics with the extensive trial preparation, document review, and discovery resources necessary in a white-collar crime defense.

If you have been accused of a crime, you need a strong advocate with the experience, determination, and resources to fight the government. We recommend obtaining representation in the early stages of litigation because doing so may help in obtaining a more favorable plea deal or reduction of heavy fines. If your case moves forward, our early involvement can help protect your rights under the law.

Why Choose Us

White collar crimes are handled differently than other types of crimes. The smoking gun is often a single piece of paper. The confidential informant may be a colleague who has blown the whistle on the company. A substantial amount of money is usually involved. White Collar Defense is uniquely positioned to represent you in these challenging cases because of our: 

  • Criminal defense trial experience. Our criminal defense attorney has defended more than 2,000 criminal cases. He is known for his aggressive negotiations¬† and willingness to take a case to trial to ensure your rights are being protected.
  • eDiscovery experience. Civil courts have long relied on eDiscovery where evidence is electronically submitted and shared. The same holds true for white collar cases, which can involve extensive documentation. Our firm has the programs, workforce, and knowledge to properly engage in eDiscovery and effectively review and organize key documents.
  • Document review resources. White collar crime charges often involve terabytes of data. One page or even a single word could be used to help your position or harm it. To successfully represent you, your attorney must orchestrate an effective document review plan to scour every document relevant to your case.

Our White Collar Crime Defense Team

Our criminal defense team includes two highly respected law firms in Minneapolis that handle cases in jurisdictions throughout the United States. Learn more about our team:

  • Rivers Law Firm, P.A. Attorney Bruce M. Rivers is certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in criminal defense law and is certified as a criminal trial specialist by the Minnesota Bar Association. He is known for being a strategic advocate for his clients.
  • Eckland & Blando, LLP. Attorney Daniel J. Cragg has substantial experience in complex litigation preparation. He represents businesses and is well-versed in the financial, insurance, and healthcare legal sectors.

Consult With Our Experienced Team of Criminal and Trial Attorneys

Have you been accused of a white collar crime? If so, our attorneys are ready to provide you with a strategic legal defense. Contact White Collar Defense to schedule an appointment and start building a strong defense today.


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