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Nationwide Criminal Defense and Litigation Counsel for White Collar Crimes

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Experienced Trial Lawyers

Nationwide Criminal Defense and Litigation Counsel for White Collar Crimes

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Experienced Trial Lawyers

Nationwide Criminal Defense and Litigation Counsel for White Collar Crimes

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Nationally Recognized White Collar Crime Defense

Being suspected or charged with a white collar crime could put everything you have worked for your entire life at stake. If suspected or charged with a white collar crime, you risk damaging your career, harming your financial future, tarnishing your reputation, and may face the prospect of incarceration. At any stage of a white collar criminal investigation or indictment, retaining counsel to advocate for your interests can help safeguard your rights under the law. 

White Collar Defense is a national law firm exclusively representing persons involved in white collar crime investigations or defendants charged with white collar crimes. Our trial attorneys have the skills and determination to be your strong advocate. Our unique approach incorporates a comprehensive and aggressive investigation, discovery, and trial strategy to work in protecting your rights and representing your interests throughout the course of litigation.

Effective and Comprehensive Legal Counsel Advocate for Individuals Facing Charges 

In complex white collar cases, those facing the threat of criminal charges should have both the seasoned experience of a criminal defense lawyer, as well as the resources and capacity for complexity of a civil litigation firm. White Collar Defense provides both. 

This unique partnership combines the skills of an experienced criminal defense trial attorney with a highly respected civil litigation law firm trained in handling complex legal and factual issues. Defense attorney Bruce M. Rivers, of the firm Rivers Law Firm, P.A., brings to this partnership his high-level white collar crime trial experience and skills. Trial lawyers Daniel J. Cragg and Jared M. Reams, of the firm Eckland & Blando LLP, provide sophisticated investigative and litigation preparation skills to the defense team. 

This arrangement creates a distinctive edge in several key ways:  

  • A comprehensive electronic discovery system to conduct a thorough investigation of your case.
  • A Business litigation background with key insight into the insurance, medical, and financial industries.
  • Combined experience offering over 15 years of aggressive litigation experience in complex civil cases as well as the completion of over 2,000 criminal defense cases.
  • The ability to work in jurisdictions across the country through admittance  pro hac vice and in association with local counsel. 

Solid E-Discovery Skills Are Crucial to a Strong Defense 

White collar cases typically involve extensive discovery. The discovery process is crucial for gathering key facts to investigate and build your defense. The evidence discovered during this process is critical in decision-making and creating successful case strategies.

A single case often requires the collection, organization and analysis of thousands of complex documents. Most discovery in white collar cases is executed electronically,  differing significantly from other types of criminal cases. This is an arduous and labor-intensive process where each document must be identified, tagged, and thoroughly analyzed with precision. Within the thousands of documents, one line or word could be the smoking gun. Your attorney cannot afford to miss this.

Our trial team was on the forefront of e-discovery strategies and developed an innovative system to conduct successful e-discovery for our clients. We work with advanced e-discovery tactics in order to create a thorough and robust defense strategy. 

Aggressive White Collar Criminal Defense

During his 16-year career, Bruce has handled thousands of cases, including complicated white collar offenses such as government fraud, financial crimes, insurance fraud, data theft, and RICO. The prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. White Collar Defense holds the government to this standard throughout the course of litigation. 

Our trial lawyers can provide swift and aggressive legal counsel for a range of white collar crimes, including:

  • Crimes of Deception
  • Threat/Demand Based Crimes
  • Government/Public Fraud
  • RICO/Racketeering
  • Real Estate/Mortgage Fraud
  • Financial Crimes
  • Business Fraud
  • Investment Crimes
  • Data Breach/Information Theft
  • Insurance Fraud/Healthcare Fraud


Bruce M. Rivers

Experienced in High-Stakes Criminal Defense

Attorney Bruce M. Rivers is the founder of Minneapolis-based criminal defense law firm Rivers Law Firm, P.A. Mr. Rivers has defended clients in more than 2,000 cases ranging from first-degree murder charges to white collar offenses. 

His experience and trial skills have been instrumental in winning acquittals for clients faced with devastating charges, including murder and white collar crimes. Mr. Rivers strategically negotiates plea deals in order to achieve the best outcome possible for clients. He has negotiated plea deals that have reduced prison sentences and substantial financial losses. His experience in representing high-profile executives, business owners, and professionals in high-stakes cases has given him key insight in navigating white collar litigation. Mr. Rivers has also represented several attorneys who rely on his reputation for acting with discretion and respect, which is vital to preserving their careers and licenses during the pendency of their criminal cases.

Mr. Rivers appears regularly in federal and state courts in Minnesota and pro hac vice in cases in jurisdictions across the country. His experience and familiarity with federal judges and magistrate judges gives him insight into their individual styles and approaches.

Mr. Rivers has partnered with respected civil litigation law firm Eckland & Blando, LLP to form White Collar Defense to represent all types of fraud charges, including blackmail, conspiracy, extortion, bribery, embezzlement, tax fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, and identity theft. White Collar Defense also handle cases involving white collar crime investigations within a wide range of sectors, including business, environmental, health care, Internet, insurance, investment, real estate, and government procurement.

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Daniel J. Cragg

Experienced in Complex Litigation

Attorney Daniel J. Cragg is a partner at Minneapolis-based litigation law firm Eckland & Blando, LLP. Mr. Cragg focuses on high-stakes, complex litigation in white collar crime defense, commercial litigation, employer defense, and admiralty and maritime law. He is skilled in overseeing all aspects of the litigation process in cases involving extensive document review and eDiscovery. Mr. Cragg has represented billion dollar companies as well as mid-size and small businesses in several various industries, giving him key insight into the complexities of business litigation.

Mr. Cragg is admitted to multiple courts, including all Minnesota state courts, federal courts in Minnesota and Wisconsin, U.S. Court of Federal Claims, U.S. Court of International Trade, U.S. Supreme Court, and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Federal circuits. In addition, he regularly appears pro hac vice before courts in jurisdictions nationwide.

He has partnered with the well-known criminal defense law firm Rivers Law Firm, P.A., to form White Collar Defense. Mr. Cragg’s experience with preparing for litigation, negotiating equitable settlements, and trying cases to jury verdict are instrumental in any white collar criminal defense. This strategic partnership handles claims involving fraud, RICO Act violations, financial crimes, investment crimes, government procurement fraud, insurance fraud, data breach, and other serious federal crime investigations and prosecutions

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Consult With an Exceptional Team of White Collar Crime Defense Lawyers

We urge you to retain an attorney if you are a suspect, witness, or target in a criminal investigation. What might seem like an innocent statement or an innocuous document could be used as incriminating evidence. Even simple questioning can quickly turn into a full criminal investigation and prosecution. 

In the case of white collar crime prosecutions, our experienced trial attorneys will work to ensure adequate and effective representation as well as the protection of your rights throughout the process. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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